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Teacup Garden Tutorial

Posted by Cynthia Eggertz on

Do you remember what it was like to be a child?  That magical, but brief period in your life when anything was possible?  When wonder and imagination were a daily occurence?  Sometimes I like to go back to that time.  A time when I was a tad more carefree.  A time when magic seemed to happen daily, all it took was a little imagination.  Come with me, back to our carefree childhood, and lets create a teacup garden together!

Teacup gardens are a magical way to foster creativity and wonder for yourself, your child, a teacher, ANYONE!!  All it takes is a few tiny treasures, and a whole lot of imagination.  Build one alongside your child, or create one for a teacher, or make one just for you!  Let's do this!

First, gather supplies.  If you want to make things easy, you can purchase all items here, with my Tea Cup Garden Kit.  Otherwise, ransack your cupboards or head to a thrift store to pick up a tea cup.  Keep in mind, the wider the mouth of the cup, the more space it will provide you when building. 

Next, gather miniature items.  Take a walk in mother nature to gather small stones, acorns, pine cones, or berries.  Look around your home too.  Small buttons are perfect little stepping stones, or mismatched earrings can be tiny gems.  The name of the game is MINIATURE.  Tiny treasures work best.   You can also purchase miniature items from my shop here

Are your items gathered? Great! Let's get started.

1-Fill your tea cup with soil.  Leave a 1/2-1/4" of space from the brim of your cup

2-Plant your succulent (cactus, or plant)  You may need to remove a bit of soil to make this happen.  Make sure to pack the soil around the roots so your plant is stable.  A note for watering succulents: Place one ice cube next to the base of your plant once a week and place your teacup so it receives indirect sunlight.

3-Place your biggest item near the back of your teacup.  This would be your tiny home, or fairy or gnome friend.  Maybe it's a table or chair.  Again, whatever item is biggest.

4-Place moss around the sides to create a green "yard" looking area

5-Create a walkway to your home or friend by laying sand or pea gravel (for a pathway) or by using buttons or marbles as stepping stones.

6-Place your tiny treasures.  Use some carrots to create a small garden patch.  A bottle cap flipped upside down can be a dish or pie platter for tasty treats for your fairy friend to devour. 

Maybe you want to write a note to your little friend in a tiny book.  Or make a hiding spot for a magical bottle of pixie dust

You can curve a white picket fence around the edges of your cup, perhaps swing it behind your little home.


The sky's the limit when you open your imagination!

7-Admire your work.  Look what you created!  A magical space.  Do you want to keep it for yourself?  Or give it to a friend?  Maybe you would like to ask your child to write about what they created:

Who is your fairy?

What is her name?

What does she look like?

What does your gnome friend like to do when he visits your teacup home?

Where did your fairy fly to last night?

Who does your fairy like to help?

Hope you enjoyed making magical memories while fostering creativity and wonder in yourself and those alongside you.  Love you fairy friends.


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