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Pumpkin Succulent Fairy Garden

Posted by Cynthia Eggertz on

Everyone loves the Autumn.  The smells, the colors, the food, and the opportunities to gather. This is an Autumn inspired centerpiece sure to delight friends and family that come to visit. To create this centerpiece, grab a pumpkin, some succulents, moss and fairy garden supplies from my shop, and let's get started!
For the moss I used Spanish Moss, but any variety will do.  
Succulents come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  I chose to stick with a green variety.  Some are clippings, while others were potted.  Either variety work.  The clippings will scab and re root themselves.  If you use potted, make sure to remove most of the soil from the root base before adhering it to the moss.  
Grab some of your favorite Fairy Garden Supplies from my shop, Beebledee Bop.

You'll want to choose a pumpkin that has a flat, or bowl like top.  You will be gluing the moss directly to the top of the pumpkin (no carving required!) so the bigger the dip, the better.
Next, trim the stem.  
Third, use spray adhesive and cover the top of the pumpkin with it. 
Quickly press the moss down to the sticky surface.  
Next, begin gluing the succulents to the moss.  I used tacky clue, and also used some hot glue to keep them in place.  Don't worry, both glues are friendly to the plant.  You can even reuse these succulents once the pumpkin begins to rot (in a month or two.)  Simply cut away the glued portion, and the succulent will scab and re-root once more.  Succulents are pretty much THE FREAKIN MOTHER of all plant life.  
I arranged longer succulents around the edges, some cascading down the side.  Leave the center of the pumpkin bare so you can place your fairy garden items.
After you've purchased your items from my shop (thank you!) arrange them on your pumpkin.  You will want to use hot glue, or glue dots to adhere them to the top to ensure they stay in place.
As a final touch, adhere the rest of your succulent plants to fill in your gourd fairy garden. 
And voila! A Pumpkin Succulent Fairy Garden.  Now you can make gourd puns.  Like "Wow, gourd job!" or "I had a squashing good time," or other jokes that make your kids uncomfortable.
You can use this as a fun Thanksgiving activity.  Pre-arrange the succulents on the pumpkin as your centerpiece, then place one fairy garden item on each place setting.  As your guests arrive, they can place their item in the garden and help to create a magical fairy space!  Add to the fun by asking kids to write about the fairy who lives there, or for younger chillins, draw a picture of what they think she looks like!  What's her favorite thing to eat? Where does she like to fly?  What do her wings look like?  And other great questions can get the wheels turning. 
You can finish the magic by reading them my picture book, "My Fairy's Garden," and watch them clap their hands in fairy belief! 
Thanks for creating with me.  Enjoy the magic. 

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