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Pine Cone Fairy Friend

Posted by Cynthia Eggertz on

Looking for a fun Fall fairy activity?  Let mother nature inspire you to create a Pine Cone Fairy Friend.  Using a pine cone as the base, bits of nature, and some crafty items, you can create your own fairy friend or fairy king.

First step, gather supplies.  You can do that on your own or purchase my kit, here. The kit comes with everything you need to create your little friend.  Hair and leaf color will vary.


You will need a pine cone, pipe cleaner, acorn top, 2 leaves (artificial works too if you want them to keep longer), 3 wooden beads (one large for the head, two small for the hands), wool roving for the hair and sweater, and twine to hang your fairy.  

To attach items, use tacky glue or a hot glue gun.  For little helpers, I recommend tacky glue or a low temp glue gun.  

First, glue the large bead onto the bottom of the pine cone. 

Next, glue the wool roving to the top of and back of the bead. 

Once the glue dries, you can trim the hair to the desired length.  

Next, measure and trim the pipe cleaner to the appropriate length (wrap it around the back of the pine cone.)  Then glue the small beads to the end of the pipe cleaner. After glue dries, wrap the wool roving around the pipe cleaner, placing a glue dot at the beginning and end of the wrap.  Then put a large amount of glue in the center and glue the arms to the back of the pine cone.

Attach the twine to the acorn hat next, then glue the acorn to the top of the head. 

Finally, use any variety of markers or pens to draw the face. I used a sharpie for the eyes, red pen to draw some heart shaped lips, and a fleshy colored chalk marker for some rosy cheeks.  

Finally, add any embellishments that you wish!  I added a stick and berry for her magic wand, and I think I might add a scarf or necklace later, to cover up that glue.

Voila!  Your very own Nature inspired Fairy Friend!

You can also create a fairy King by using felt to create a cap or crown, and add berries or twigs for accents (like his berry nose).

Invite your friends over, or do this activity with your children or grandchildren, then suspend your fairy friends from a branch or twig.  

For more fun, build your fairy friend a home using sticks and supplies from my shop, then read my fairy garden picture book, "My Fairy's Garden," and complete your magical fairy experience.  Clap three times if you believe!


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