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My Fairy's Garden

Posted by Cynthia Eggertz on

Welcome to Beebledee Bop.  

"Beebledee who?"

Beebledee Bop. Say it with me......BEE BULL DEE BOP.

There, you've got it.

A clever name with a story to tell.


Last year, as the fresh scent of fall was in the air, I was lying in bed while the early morning light painted my room with all the brilliant colors that only a 6 am suns rise can bring.  Unlike my usual morning routine of severe anxiety plaguing my body, I was delightfully surprised as an idea for a story popped into my head.  
I could see a little girl, in her night dress, tiptoeing across her dewy lawn and finding a little fairy friend within her garden.  This fairy looked quite magical, with brilliant, splashy wings and long pointed ears.

 She had just moved and needed a place to stay (preferably a home to call her own).  So, upon asking the child for such a home, the girl dreams of the magical space she can build for her new little friend.  She gathers supplies and builds a little home for her fairy, complete with a place to dine, and a latched gate.  The magic happens when the little girl uncorks her bottle of pixie dust and while sprinkling it upon her little friend, claps her hands three times and shouts,
Using that magic, the fairy flies throughout the night sky doing magical acts of service for mother nature and all her creatures.  Helping buds to bloom, spooning tasty treats for feathered friends, and then inviting all her friends back to her new home to dance and sing.

I thought to myself, 
"Well that sounds like a lovely story.  But wouldn't it be splendid if I told the child listening to the story that the magic is real?!  That if they dream, and build, and sprinkle magic dust, that anything is possible?"

And Beebledee Bop was born.  
I believe in making magical memories alongside your littles, and fairy gardens are just that-magical memories.  
Read my story, build and dream and discover all that magic that life has waiting for you!

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