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Fairy Log Home

Posted by Cynthia Eggertz on


A great way to spark creativity with your little ones (and yourself) is by building a Fairy Log Home (or gnome home, if that better suits you).  I built both in this tutorial and will show you step by step how to complete your own magical home.  

First, find a log!  You can get firewood from the gas station, go on a hike and find an old-weathered log, or ask a local wood cutter if you can purchase one of his fine gems.  There are two logs pictured. One was found on a hike, and the other was from my neighbor's wood pile (cherry wood). 


Next you will need some moss, artificial flowers, even bark will do. You can purchase most of those items at the dollar or craft store.


Your next step is to purchase (or make) a door.  You can craft a door using popsicle sticks, or purchase one from my shop here or here.  

Once you've gathered all your items, it's time to get creative, and start building!

Watch my tutorial step by step and make magic happen.  Just click on the link below!

Fairy Door Log House with Beebledee Bop


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