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Fairy Dresses

Posted by Cynthia Eggertz on

Looking to entice a fairy friend to visit?  Try some fairy fashion!  Every fairy is longing to adorn herself with something full of sparkle, glitz and glamour (with an earthy touch of course.)  

Little red and dimples put together some magical dresses with supplies we found at Michaels Craft store.  Below are some pics to give you ideas to kick start your imagination.  

So gather your littles and spend some time creating magical memories, while fashioning some fairytastic dresses!

Step 1: Gather Supplies 

For this project we used a low-temperature hot glue gun, felt, kids craft scissors, glitter puffy paint, sequence/glitter and silk flowers.  All these supplies can be found at your local Michaels retailer, or online at

Choosing some colorful blooms
Felt for the bodice

Glitter for extra sparkle

Step 2: Draw/Cut Dress Patterns

My girls had a harder time with this one, so I helped trace a pattern and let them adorn them with petals and glitter.  Make sure when you glue the dress that you DO NOT glue the bottom or arms of the dress (or how ever will your fairy friend wear the dress?)

 Step 3: Adorn Your Frock

Now's the fun part.  Let them loose and watch their imagination come to life!  My girls cut petals, glued glitter, and puffy-painted their dresses to perfection!  Some little fairies are going to be very happy wearing these new sparkly surprises. 

Here are some dresses made by Dimples (age 6)

Step 4: Hang them up for a fairy friend to wear and enjoy



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