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How to Build A Mossy Fairy Garden

Posted by Cynthia Eggertz on

 Have you ever seen something on pinterest, you go to recreate and it looks NOTHING like the picture? (case and attempt at cake pops.  Never again!)  Well don't you fret because fairy gardens don't need to look like the picture!  It's up to you and your own creativity and imagination.  Just get started with your little one by your side, and ask that tot where they want to place things. Go for a little walk and collect items from mother nature to aid in your creation!
I did just that with dimples.  We used a large pot from our front porch and created a mossy fairy garden together.  Our pictures might help to inspire you to create something magical yourself.  

Step 1: Think all your creative thoughts

Can you see the wheels in her head turning?  Dimples was planning out endless possibilities! Where should her fairy's home be? What plants should she use?  A grass patch? A tree? What will her fairy do inside her little home? She dug around a bit, using our Children's Garden Tool Set, then we got to work!

Step 2: Gather Supplies

What supplies do you need for your fairy's garden? Some sticks? Small pebbles? Plants?  Do you want to build a home or purchase one of our fairy homes? The choice is yours! Gather supplies.  Head to a local nursery together, or go for a little walk to gather your treasures.  

Step 3: Begin to Build

Now comes the fun part, start to build!  Start with your fairy's home, then build around that.  Does she need a fenced garden patch? How about a little bench to kick up her feet and relax? Maybe a pebbled walkway to lead friends to her little home? Limitless choices, and they are all up to you and your imagination.  Build together! 
 Here you can see dimples beginning to plant.  She's placed her Sunflower Farm Home towards the back of the pot, and began planting around it.  We used a little bonsai tree, some moss, succulents and a few pansies.
We worked together to plant some sheet moss around her fairy home as well.

Warning!!! Moms!!!

Sometimes we feel their garden needs to look perfect, but let your child's imagination be the creator, not what we see online. (Even dimples said to me while we were building,
"Mom, I thought you were going to let me decide."
Oops! (I need to take my own advice.)  Let them place things where they want, and where they see fit.  Your child will be so proud of their accomplishment if we let go of the reins and let them  decide.   
  Next  came dimples favorite part: spreading the pea gravel to create some walkways and patios.  She was loving it!  Dimples used our Children's Garden Shovel to scoop up her little rocks, and sprinkle them where she saw fit. 
After sprinkling and filling in, she used her shovel to pat the rocks down in place because
"my fairy won't want any pokey rocks to hurt her foot."
Next dimples placed our Criss Cross Creme Patio Set to create little seating areas on the patio she built, and also her garden spot.   She surrounded her garden seating area with our Traditional Picket Fence, in Heather Gray. 
Once it's complete, memories have been made, but imagination and play is not over!  Let your child continue to play and imagine all the possibilities that await in her fairy's garden. 

Clap Three Times

if you believe

in Fairies.


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  • I am wondering where you are located at? I happened to see you on The Place and would like to bring my Grand-daughters down and do a fairy garden. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

    Thanks, Candy

    Candace Brown on

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