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Why Fairy Gardens?

Posted by Cynthia Eggertz on

Miss Jones stood about 6' 2", so to a small first grader she was
 about 15 feet tall.   With short brown hair and a booming voice, she possessed the intimidation factor. (think Trunchbull)  I remember the day she made Tyler cry.  He was small, cute and confident, yet made the mistake of licking the envelope closed at his center, instead of leaving it open (as she clearly stated in her directions) so all could use the materials inside.  She got upset.  She often got upset.  Yet I remember those large arms embracing me in a hug or two during that year, and I was fond of her. 
Turning 7 in her class was a special day, the day you received your "tooth" holder.  It was a hand sewn set of ruby red lips (stuffed full of cotton for plumpness) that spread apart to reveal a large red tongue, (a nice comfy spot for pulled teeth to welcome the tooth fairy's sly hand and much desired coins.)  I recall placing my tiny tooth inside the mammoth mouth, closing her shut, and placing the plump package under my pillow.  Giddy with the knowledge that magic was about to happen, it seemed ages before I was able to fall asleep.
When my eyes popped open the next morning, I instinctively reached under my pillow and grabbed those botox beauties to hear the clink of 4 shiny quarters.
She'd come! I was asleep, and she'd come!  That cunning fairy flew through my window, carefully lifted the pillow that my dreamy head rested upon, and slid that money into my tooth holder!  It was a magical moment.  One of many that I experienced during my childhood.  
Do you recall any magical moments from your childhood?  
Maybe it was a visit from leprechauns, a stocking filled by a jolly old elf, or colorful eggs hidden around your house.  Maybe it was a kindergarten chase around the school to find the gingerbread man (only to discover that the cooks had already caught and baked him.....and would you like a piece? He's delicious.)  Maybe it was a visit from a  princess, or perhaps it was a bright and colorful sunset after a long hike with mom and dad where they told you that with a giant paint brush, God painted that sky just for you. 
All these moments are magical and involve wonder, creativity, and imagination.  
Fairy gardens are FULL of magical moments.  
Moments for you and your child to create, to dream, and to imagine all the things you can build together for your little fairy friend.
Below is a fairy garden example.  This garden I built alongside my 6 year old whom I lovingly call "dimples,",  We purchased some flowers and shrubs at our local nursery, and trimmed them up a bit, so they were smaller and more "fairy" like.  

 Let's take a closer look at what we created.    

Here we have a fairy garden patch.  Dimples decided to use our white picket fence to surround her patch and plant flowers there (flowers that she snipped from the larger bush)  You could also plant seeds and wait for her flower garden to grow.  Or wouldn't it be fun to plant some carrots in her patch?  Or maybe some grass seeds for a bit of lawn that will later need trimming with safety scissors.  The possibilities are endless!
 Instead of rocks, Dimples used our Patterned Stepping Stones to create a little path that leads her fairy into her home.  She decided to alternate the square and round ones.
 Dimples said that her fairy flew a long distance, and was tired, so she had to travel the rest of her journey by scooter.  She parked her fairy's leaf scooter by the flower patch.
 A tiny watery stream is hard to come by, but with a little imagination, dimples gathered some small stones and made a "river" with those.  To avoid wet fairy feet, Dimples used a metal mini bridge  to cross the flowing waters.  
 Dimples decided her fairy needed a swirly-twirl bench because "my fairy will want to sit down and kinda rest and stuff" but she was worried about the legs of her bench getting stuck in the dirt.  She decided to search for some larger rocks to make a "rock patio" and voila, clean bench legs.  

So join in the fun!  Build! Dream! Create! 

This blog will offer fairy garden ideas, tutorials, and magical moments. Join us at Beebledee Bop and let your magic begin!

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